Window Medics

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Window Medics

Save Up To 70% Guaranteed!

Solve your foggy window condensation problems at a fraction of the cost of other window repair methods.

Don’t Replace Your Windows, Repair them!

At Window Medics we specialize in moisture and condensation removal from your thermal windows instead of expensive window replacement. Over the years, our proven technology has revolutionized the traditional window replacement business by repairing problem windows through our window restoration process.

This proprietary process removes moisture from failed thermal pane windows, which causes condensation to build or foggy windows while restoring the much needed R-value. This process can also be applied to new windows protecting against future seal failures and moisture accumulation, which shows up as foggy window condensation problems.

Visible fog, condensation or moisture is a sign that the sealed window unit has simply reached Its threshold to absorb moisture, causing foggy window or condensation problems. This is a repairable and preventable condition.

Window Medics International has the only true one-way valve technology. Our one-way valve is a device that opens and closes based on the pressure inside a window cavity.

We are your Cost-Effective, No-Hassle Solution.

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